Investment Philosophy

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We aim to deliver targeted results consistently over time. To achieve consistency we strive to take the right decisions through the right processes.

We apply an investment process developed over many years, complemented by independent thinking and bespoke models. The combination helps us identify suitable investment opportunities to achieve our investment objectives.

Reward vs Risk

We are constantly looking for the best reward in relation to risk presented across asset classes, countries, and financial instruments.

A question we constantly ask ourselves is whether uncertainty is sufficiently priced in by markets. We evaluate the uncertainty that the markets face and compare it with what is priced in.

Our Reward vs Risk analysis enables us to assess the Absolute Value and Relative Value of investment opportunities.

Absolute and Relative Value

We search for investments that offer both Absolute Value and Relative Value.

With markets complex and interconnected, there are many layers and angles for analysis. We endeavour to cover as many of these as possible.

Our investment approach involves analysing the global economy and financial markets from the top-down, and individual countries from the bottom-up. 

We compare the value offered by major asset classes in developed markets - from US Treasuries to Equities - to the value offered by emerging markets.

And within emerging markets, recognising that each country is distinctly different from another, we add our thorough (bottom-up) understanding of each country, and assess the absolute and relative reward vs risk in the financial instruments available for investment.

Prices and Supply & Demand

Considering that the prices for financial assets are driven by the forces of supply and demand for these assets, an analysis of these drivers is a key element in our investment approach.

Our Investment Philosophy is employed in the management of the Blue Diagonal EM Fixed Income Fund.